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irrigation services

Irrigation Services


On-site Troubleshooting

Each component of your irrigation system can be evaluated and maintained to ensure its longevity.

On-site Tech Training

New and current technicians can benefit from our comprehensive “on site” Toro training. Maintenance contractors can be Toro certified prior to operating your system.

Preventive Maintenance

Communication health is assured through our seasonal radio signal strength testing tune up program. Ensure your radio modems, weather stations, and grounding operate at peak performance.

Fountains and Pond Aerators

Turf Equipment & Irrigation is an authorized sales and service agent for Otterbine. We offer system evaluations, preventive maintenance services, and 24/7 response time.

Customer Service

Irrigation Services

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Having literally ‘grown up’ in this industry, I have a passion for grass, landscapes and snow. Along with that I have a deep love and appreciation for the people I’ve met and worked with during my last 30 years.