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Commercial Equipment

Sometimes our customers don't have the resources to perform repairs or conduct scheduled maintenance as often as they should. Turf Equipment & Irrigation can maintain your equipment to operate at peak performance with no downtime. We will maintain and repair your equipment, documenting all maintenance records. Our contracts provide the insurance of a fixed maintenance budget, lower operating costs, and ultimately, better trade-in values. We provide detailed maintenance agreements to match equipment with your budget. Our service offerings also include onsite equipment and technician training. We will teach your associates how to safely operate machinery.

  • Monthly maintenance contracts
  • Extended warranty
  • Safety training & certification
  • Operator Training
  • Technician education & certification

Preventive Maintenance

Optimize the appearance of your sports fields and fairways. We will maintain your equipment on schedule to ensure productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Equipment Fleet Service

Factory certified technicians are at your service when seasonal requirements call for onsite fleet assistance.

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On-Site Service

Barbara Lenhart

Barbara Lenhart

Service Advisor


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